#vBrownBag Swag Bag of Awesomeness

First, before we go into what is in this thing… we need to thank some folks for making this happen. In no particular order, our “premium”, “platinum”, or “company that is really awesome you should check out their booth!” folks:

Without their support, there would be no #vBrownBags, let alone swag bags.

That’s nice… but what’s in the Swag Bag

The center piece of the swag bag, is the 4GB custom USB key. This is not your average key, the 350 of these we had produced contain:

  • Hours of vBrownBag training for VCAP-DCD and VCP5
  • Hours of TrainSignal Video Training
  • Video training and helpful materials from:
    • Cisco
    • Veeam
    • TinTri
  • The 1.0 RTM version of the vSphere AutoLab

Next, we have the bags themselves, of which there are 500 that will contain the following additional things:

  • $100 credit on baremetalcloud.com (for vSphere Training)
  • vBrownBag/Veeam vinyl stickers (To throw onto your laptop case)
  • 450 flashlights from Tintri
  • Print materials from Cisco
  • Stickers from TrainSignal
  • 5 hour Energy – Extra Energy… it’s a long week
  • Pair of earplugs – Airplane noise? What Airplane noise?
  • Packet of Emergen-C – Just in case.
  • Packets of 2 Ibuprofens – Party too hard?
  • … more

Where do I get one?

I really should have put this on top… no? On Monday, at the start of the show, the #vBrownBag crew will have 100 bags in the Communities Lounge for the #vBrownBag tech talks.

After Monday? Watch the #vBrownBag hash tag on Twitter, and we’ll make sure you know where we are.

But wait… there is more

We have some Amazon Gift Cards to give away… but these, these will be a bit harder to get. Again, watch the #vBrownBag hash tag and we’ll tell you where to find those also.

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