After vCenter 5.0 U1 Upgrade, vCO Client Issues

For better or worse, I run my vCO Client from the vCenter Server in my lab, up till today, that wasn’t an issue either. That is, after upgrading to vCenter 5.0 U1 I was presented with: “You may not have the appropriate permissions.” – What? Ok… let’s browse to the directory: Even after clicking “Continue”[…]

[VUM] Configure Update Manager to use a Service Account

There are a few situations you might want to do this, security and least privileged accounts comes to mind, as does auditability. However, you will also need to do this when your SQL server is using Windows Authentication. Otherwise you’ll run into: “There was an error connecting to VMware Update Manager… Database temporarily unavailable or[…]

vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) 5.0 – Active Directory Integration

I’ve talked about vMA and Active Directory (AD) integration before, also upgrading and troubleshooting it. This time out, we’re going to talk about doing this on vMA 5.0. I’ll start with the assumption that you’ve deployed vMA already. Attaching vMA 5.0 to Active Directory (AD) Make sure vMA is in DNS Make sure vMA is[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up: VCAP-DCA Objective 6.2

On 8/3 we talked vSphere performance as it relates to the VCAP-DCA exam. Specifically objective 6.2 on the exam blueprint. We also had special guest Hersey Cartwright along for the ride. First the Video, then some of the links: The Video ProfessionalVMware BrownBag – VCAP-DCA Objective 6.2 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. The Links Generating Load[…]

BrownBag – VCAP-DCA Objective 6 Performance

For this week’s BrownBag we’ve scored Hersey Cartwright to come talk to us about vSphere performance as it relates to the VCAP-DCA. Hersey has a little over 20 years experience in system and network administration. Currently he is the Network Operations Manager for a community Credit Union located in Southeastern, VA. he is responsible for[…]