Finding CPU Ready Values on ESXi

Lacking a service console, ESXi needs to be approached differently when performing common troubleshooting tasks. One of these, like the title states, is to find the CPU Ready values for a particular VM. There are more than a few ways to skin this particular cat, but in this case I’ll show you two: The vSphere Client, and the vMA:

The vSphere Client:

Select the VM you’d like to dig into, then select the performance tab, CPU, then “Chart Options…”:


In the resulting dialogue, remove one of the two counters and add “CPU Ready”:


Select “OK” and enjoy the resulting chart:


Not horrid, but not excellent either. While milliseconds are good, and will help us determine a performance issue, there are times when we need to see the overall %RDY on the entire host, rather than a specific VM. For that we turn to the next method…

%RDY in the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)

I’ll assume you’ve already downloaded and deployed vMA into your environment (falls outside the scope of the post) Once you’re logged in, fire up resxtop as follows:


In this case %RDY is the last column. For more information on finding, and interpreting these values, check Duncan’s ESXtop section.