Connecting vMA to Active Directory (Troubleshooting)

Recently I set upon a quest, one of grand scope and sure to bring honor to my family. Well, maybe. This quest you ask? This quest was to attach the VMware vSphere Management Appliance to Active Directory. Like any good quest, this was not without it’s challenges. First, Connect vMA to Active Directory: This is[…]

“Could not Format VMFS” – Nested ESX

The Problem! Was doing some work with UDA and nested ESX & ESXi installs this weekend and ran into an interesting hiccup: Or on ESXi: What? Can’t format what? But we’re working with nested ESX, it’s a VMDK, format it! I tried any number of things here: Different controller types, disk sizes, partitioning within the[…]

Yo Dawg… (Obligatory vSphere 4.1 Post)

Instead of writing a 4.1 post, which seems to be all the rage, I’ll instead link you to a few of them that I have been reading (which are in turn links out to more documentation). Eric Siebert – vChat (about 4.1) – VMware 4.1 KB articles – ESXi “touchfree” installs –[…]