vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) 5.0 – Active Directory Integration

I’ve talked about vMA and Active Directory (AD) integration before, also upgrading and troubleshooting it. This time out, we’re going to talk about doing this on vMA 5.0. I’ll start with the assumption that you’ve deployed vMA already. Attaching vMA 5.0 to Active Directory (AD) Make sure vMA is in DNS Make sure vMA is[…]

VCAP-DCA Section 8 Scripting & Automation – Follow-up

We had a decent, if quick show last night, during with we covered VMRun/VIX, PowerCLI, and a few other things. Here are the show notes: Video: ProfessionalVMware VCAP-DCA BrownBag – Scripting & Automation from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Flash Cards: Here they are… only 5 this time: http://www.flashcardexchange.com/flashcards/view/1599665 Objectives: Objective 8.1 PowerCLI Notes: Getting started with[…]

Connecting vMA to Active Directory (Troubleshooting)

Recently I set upon a quest, one of grand scope and sure to bring honor to my family. Well, maybe. This quest you ask? This quest was to attach the VMware vSphere Management Appliance to Active Directory. Like any good quest, this was not without it’s challenges. First, Connect vMA to Active Directory: This is[…]

Add a vSwitch, PowerCLI vs. vCLI

In trying to get used to ESXi and it’s console-less nature I’ve been forcing myself to use the vCLI or PowerCLI to do things. Along the way I’ve learned that the vCLI is generally really well though out, if different. Here is an example of this: Setting up a vNetwork Standard Switch (vSwitch) using PowerCLI[…]