VCAP-DCA Section 8 Scripting & Automation – Follow-up

We had a decent, if quick show last night, during with we covered VMRun/VIX, PowerCLI, and a few other things. Here are the show notes:


ProfessionalVMware VCAP-DCA BrownBag – Scripting & Automation from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Flash Cards:

Here they are… only 5 this time:


Objective 8.1 PowerCLI Notes:

Objective 8.2 Orchestrator Notes:

N/A – We didn’t touch on Orchestrator this go around.s

Objective 8.3 vMA Notes:

There are any number of great resources here. Instead of covering this directly in the BrownBag, I decided to self reference a BrownBag we did in the past with Sean Crookston of here.

Other Resources:


As this particular BrownBag was short, and we didn’t cover Orchestrator as well as we should have, so we’ll be doing the next BrownBag specifically on Orchestrator.

As always, if you’ve questions or comments, leave them here or drop a note on twitter.

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