NetApp PoshOnTap & PowerGUI/VESI

This post was created in response to an entry in the “Blogger Block” contest. The idea for the post came from Chad King, who now has a coffee cup in route. Thanks!

NetApp DataONTAP Cmdlets

NetApp has released a PowerCLI snap-in to manage their devices! It is important to know:

The Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit if available FREE to Data ONTAP customers and partners.

Basically, you’ll need an OnTap login to pull down the bits. If you do have a login, this, is the download link. However once you have them, the install is straight forward. Simply unzip the file and run install.ps1

Quest PowerGUI/VESI

Quest puts out some really slick sysadmin tools. Amongst them are PowerGUI and The VESI (Virtualization EcoShell). Both are aimed directly at admins having to use PowerShell. More importantly, both are free. In this specific case, both can be used interchangeably, I’ll be using PowerGUI.


Pull down the files from here.


The install is more or less a bouncing ball installation (click Next, Next, Done…). Of interest, is the PowerPack Section:


Add DataOnTap

Once you’ve installed PowerGUI, you need to make it aware that you’ve got the NetApp Bits installed. Select “File > PowerShell Libraries…”


Then select the DataOnTap bits & click “OK”:


After a minute or two, you’ll be ready to load up a script. Thankfully, Jase McCarty (a fellow vExpert) has one we can use:



While I do not have a NetApp handy to test against, this should get you going in the right direction with PowerCLI & NetApp.

About Chad King:

Chad King is a VCP on vSphere 4, Dad, Husband, and VMware Nerd (who blogs here: ).  He spends a lot of his time on troubleshooting vSphere environments and Consulting on Engineering Implementations for the VMware platform.

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5 thoughts on “NetApp PoshOnTap & PowerGUI/VESI

  • I was really excited when I read the title of this post because I thought you were going to share a NetApp PoshOnTap PowerPack with the community. Maybe next time?

  • Awesome Cody thanks for the props man – you do an awesome job. I will get to cracking on some of that PowerCLI with OnTap – Storage scripting is becoming a much larger need as well as automation. Seeing things like the VSI tool from EMC has some promises to at least let the admin side be less cumbersome. Good post man and thanks again!

  • Also keep in mind that if you do get access to the NOW site you can test against a simulator as well. I plan on giving it a go shortly. Maybe I will have time to spend in my new lab – 😉

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