Yo Dawg… (Obligatory vSphere 4.1 Post)


Instead of writing a 4.1 post, which seems to be all the rage, I’ll instead link you to a few of them that I have been reading (which are in turn links out to more documentation).

I heard you liked links, so I linked you to some links, so that you could link while you link… or some such.

2 thoughts on “Yo Dawg… (Obligatory vSphere 4.1 Post)

  • Somebody is going to buy the domain name pimpmyvi.com .. I can see the spoof now Xzibit walks into a massive datacenter physical environment or another competitors VI and blings it with VMware product suite. You’re environment has officially been pimped

  • This good – I must remember to link to your link of links sometime… 😀

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