TIL – Snapshots Also Revert VM Settings

Actually, learned this one yesterday, but just got around to writing the post. I was actually clued into this by some friends in the UK.

According to these VMware docs:

An ESX snapshot contains the VM settings. Thus reverting it, will also revert this settings. Because I was under the opposite impression, I had to see for myself:


Snapshot taken, Setting changed:


Snapshots revert settings… can’t explain that.


It makes sense, but I’m not sure why I was under the impression it was otherwise. I hope by putting this out there my help others. If you found this useful, have comment or questions, drop a line in the comments or on twitter here.

3 thoughts on “TIL – Snapshots Also Revert VM Settings

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  • I was asked this question on an interview for a Virtualsiation Engineer. I was surprised too. Awesome post and very useful.

  • As you say, it makes sense. If you’ve done a snapshot of a machine with 4GB RAM, subsequently changed the RAM to 2GB, you wouldn’t be able to revert to the memory snapshot if it didn’t also revert that setting.
    It can also be useful after doing a VM Hardware Version upgrade as that also gets reverted.

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