#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 5 (con’t) with Geoff Wilmington (@vWilmo)

Geoff Wilmington covers objective 5.5 as we continue with the #vBrownBag VCP6 Foundation Series. Section 5, Objective 5.5 Video Objective 5.5 – Describe backup and recovery options – Snapshot requirements and best practices, how snapshots work, when not to use snapshots – How VDP works, requirements, sizing – How vSphere replication works, requirements, sizing –[…]

TIL – Snapshots Also Revert VM Settings

Actually, learned this one yesterday, but just got around to writing the post. I was actually clued into this by some friends in the UK. According to these VMware docs: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1015180 http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-esx-4-1/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm#context=vm_admin&file=c_about_snapshots.html An ESX snapshot contains the VM settings. Thus reverting it, will also revert this settings. Because I was under the opposite impression, I[…]

Active Directory Machine Accounts and VMware Clones and Snapshots

Clones and Snapshots, two of the many modern day miracles to come from virtualization. No? So they’re not as cool as VMware’s vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduling, High Availability, Fault Tolerance are they, but the are the foundation on which that magic is built.  What happens to the machine in your corporate domain when you need[…]

Sharing and Snapshots – Another Look at Sharing VMDK Files

Late Tuesday evening I was troubleshooting an issue with a Mr. Smith from #vmware on Freenode. Yes, really, his name was smith. The issue we were troubleshooting was related to sharing VMDK files, between two VMs running on separate hosts. After pointing Mr. Smith to my “Share and Share Alike” and feverently insisting that it[…]

Removing VMware Snapshots – With a Bat (PowerShell, CLI, rCLI… and Perl)

I’ve found a few situations in which snapshots get stuck, like glue, to a running VM, and despite your best effort to delete them, they wont go away. Like in-laws, they stick around, a bit longer than is pleasant. If a snapshot has not been removed cleanly on the first try, you may want to[…]