TIL – VMware Driver Floppy Images Already Included

Perhaps it’s just been a while since I’ve needed said floppy image, but I recall a time when you had to search the VMware KB to get the XP LSI driver. Well, today while changing some of my lab VMs over to PVSCSI, I found that the needed floppy images are in “/vmimages/floppies/” (at least on my ESXi 4.1 test system).

Take a look:





6 thoughts on “TIL – VMware Driver Floppy Images Already Included

  • I wonder if what you’re referring to is the issue I’ve run into… Using vSphere Client connected directly to ESXi host, I can browse to the floppy images. However, if connected to vCenter Server that is managing the same ESXi host, the floppy images are not visible when you browse for them. I’ve seen this in multiple environments now, but haven’t had a chance to dig into why this is happening.

  • Just checked my production ESXi hosts and vCenter.

    When connected to vCenter 4.1.0 Build 345043 (4.1 Update 1) the vmimages directory is there, but it is empty – no vmtools or floppies directory.

    If I use the vSphere client to connect directly to the host (ESXi 4.1.0, 348481 – 4.1 Update 1) the directories for vmtools and floppies are there and the floppy images are available.

    Looked around a bit and found where the question had been asked before about accessing the images from the client connected to vCenter, but did not find any answers.

    Anyone know if they should be available when connected to vCenter? Just curious…

  • From what I’ve experienced, in either ESX or ESXi, I can browse the vmimages folder. However, when connecting to vCenter, in ESXi the folder appears empty. If I connect directly to the ESXi host, the .flp files are there.

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