2013-oct-03 ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM @ercruzv privilegios y roles en vCenter

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented. El pasado 10 de octubre en ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM se presentó el tema Privilegios y roles en VMware vCenter por Randall Cruz Vega @ercruzv .

vBrownBag US Security Month Follow-Up (@Texiwill)

vBrownBags with Edward Haletky (virtualizationpractice / @texiwill) are always delighting, also a bit frightening. Last night we talked theory, design, and practicalities for end-to-end security when designing or selecting a Cloud deployment. Video Slides I don’t have the slides specifically, however, they can be found here.

Installing VMware Update Manager Download Service

Before getting into installing, let’s take a second to talk about what the Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) is and when you’d use it. As the name implies, UMDS is a service that will go and fetch patch notifications, metadata, and binaries that is separate from your VUM install. When would that be useful? In[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up vSphere Security with Ed Haletky

The Video: ProfessionalVMware BrownBags – vSphere Security from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. The Links: Ed’s Site – http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/ Ed’s vSphere Security Book Ed on Twitter Summary: First, I seem to have misplaced the chat logs. There were a few good links shared. If y’all still have them handy, please drop them in the comments. As you[…]

BrownBag Security – Ed Haletky (@Texiwill)

Hot on the heels of Scott Lowe, we are going to have Ed Haletky  (aka @texiwill) on the BrownBags to talk about “Virtual Environment Security”. That is, the security of your virtual environment and associated management components. Critical Details: Date/Time: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 @ 7PM CST Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/351927521 Ed’s Last BrownBag This is not[…]

BrownBag #10 – Security Follow-Up

Thanks again to Ed Haletky (@Texiwill) for coming along and presenting this week. Here is the video from the session: BrownBag #10 – Security Deep Dive from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Links: Virtualization Practice – Ed’s Blog http://www.virtualizationpractice.com/blog/?file_id=41 – Resources! Virtualization Security Roundtable

Brownbag #10 – Security Deep Dive

In the spirit of all things Brownbag, we’re branching out beyond certification to include several “Deep Dive” technical podcasts with industry leading experts. Mind, we’ll still keep to our certification roots, but the Brownbag format lends itself well to doing technical deep dives as well. As such, our first topic will be Virtualization security, and[…]