The Most Awesome PowerCLI Cmdlet You Aren’t Using

While all of PowerCLI is remarkable in both it’s power and ease of use, there are some cmdlets that do not get as much airtime as they deserve. One of those, is Invoke-VMScript. From Get-Help InvokeVMScript NAME     Invoke-VMScript SYNOPSIS     Executes the specified PowerShell script in the guest OS of each of the specified[…]

A Quick PowerCLI Lesson – Digging for Info (Who Powered Off that VM)

I recently got a comment on a post I had done a while back on VMware tools and Time Sync. While the one-liners there may be useful, they don’t particularly explain how they got to the end results. With that in mind, today I hope to explain some of the logic used when you need[…]

Time Is Marching On… Disabling TimeSync, Completely.

Time is critical. In VMs this criticality is even more pronounced. Time slips… CPU instructions go askew, and things get weird. That said, there are situations when you may wish to disable the built in VMware Tools Time sync service… completely. What do I mean by completely? Well, even with the tools time sync set[…]