Automate ALL The Things #vBrownBag Follow Up – PowerCLI for the VM admin with Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf)

Alan Renouf rolls the next Automate All the Things session, discussing PowerCLI for the infrastructure manager.  He kicks off with requirements for PowerCLI as well as some basic commands to help get you started automating all the things. **First 35 seconds not edited, after all isn’t that what makes a #vBrownBag? Slides Video #vBrownBag Automate[…]

Automate ALL the Things #vBrownBag Follow Up – Introduction to PowerCLI with Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell)

Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell) provides an overview of PowerCLI, its capabilities and then goes into a hands on demo. Download PowerCLI Google+ Community If you need help, have other questions or want to keep the conversation going, you can join the G+ Automate All the Things community: Video #vBrownBag Automate ALL the things –[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-up Automating View with PowerCLI with Brad Christian (@bchristian21)

Brad Christian (@bchristian21) presents on using PowerShell to automate VMware View Pool creation and user provisioning, including Floating Linked Clones, Replica Tiering, AD group creation and entitlements. This method can have a new PowerShell user automating VMware View in under an hour just by filling out a few variables in a spreadsheet. See for the slide[…]

Running Rackspace Private Cloud on ESXi

First Post! Now, with that out of my system, I’ve found that running the just published OpenStack Private Cloud on bare metal to be a bit out of reach for my homelab. That said, I did find that it runs exceedingly well as a nested hypervisor on ESXi (use the tools I’ve got) and all.[…]

Using PowerCLI, Onyx and Orchestrator

Yes! You can! I’m not talking about using vCO to call PowerCLI scripts. As well, that’s been covered before. What I’m talking about is using PowerCLI against VMware Onyx to get vCO JavaScript (Jeorg Lew’s post on it here). First, get Onyx. I’ll wait… Have it? Excellent. Now fire it up & change the output[…]

TrainSignal PowerCLI Training – Now Available

Not sure how to write this without sounding the gushing Fanboi, but I’ll give it a shot… Hal Rottenberg, in combination with TrainSignal have released “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training”. To give you an idea as to how much awesome is packed in there… Hal is the author of the first Managing VMware with PowerShell books[…]