The Turtles Are Upon Us – The VESI

So one of the things that did happen whilst I was away, and that does bear repeating (as it’s not marketing fluff) is the Virtualization Eco Shell Initiative and their beta release landing (Thanks Virtua-al).

The goal of the Vizioncore Virtualization EcoShell is to provide a freeware desktop application for novice and expert IT administrators leveraging Windows PowerShell scripts across their multi-platform virtual environments.  

Fostered and supported by The Virtualization EcoShell Initiative (VESI) – an online community-driven Web site sponsored by Vizioncore – the Virtualization EcoShell is enhanced by the participation of community members through the exchange of new ideas, value-add services and extendable scripts.

Slick, no? Ok, so that was a marketing quote there, but it is quite impressive, look at some of the HTML reports:

Screenshots also the thanks of Mr Al. I’ll try to get a quick demo posted in the next day or so as well.