Vacation Is Over, Back To Our Regular Schedule

Ok, so it was over this weekend, but that is when On-Call started, so getting back on track has been a bit off. Sorry!

There has been quite a lot that happened over that week too, vSphere (Cloud OS) and yet another pissing match between Microsoft and VMware. We’ll not get into that however, it’s already been well publicized elsewhere. That, and, I hate marketing fud. I’ll try to stay techie, if you keep reading.

That said, I’ve also been preparing for the Virtualization Congress in May, like really soon. I’ll be presentation VC101, otherwise known as “Automating Virtual Infrastructures With PowerShell” (First session listed). Don’t let the 101 fool you, this will be a techie track as well.

If you would like to get anything included, “How do I automate this with $hypervisor” We’ll try to include it, just drop me a note in the comments.

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