It’s Here! It’s HERE! Well, Almost – Pre-Order Hal’s Book

“Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell: TFM” Is now available for pre-order from Sapien

In "Managing VMware Infrastructure with PowerShell", you will learn how to perform everything from simple ad-hoc reporting at the command-line ("are any of my virtual machines powered off?") to complex scripts to automate a massive deployment of hundreds of virtual machines. Simple, yet powerful; concise, yet robust; you will enjoy using this new language to solve your old problems using less code than you thought possible.

If you are a system administrator responsible for managing a VMware Virtual Infrastructure (version 2.0 or above), or a standalone ESX Server (version 3.0 or above), then you need this book. Aimed at scripters of every level, the book starts off with a PowerShell primer and continues well into the internals of virtualization on the VMware platform.
Table of Contents

    * Introduction – Why You Need This Book

   1. Windows PowerShell Crash Course
   2. Getting Started
   3. Scripting with Virtual Infrastructure
   4. Inventory and Reporting
   5. Deployment and Configuration
   6. Maintenance and Operations
   7. Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution
   8. Managing VMWare with PowerGUI

Text shamelessly borrowed from Hal’s original post here