Some ngnix things

Playing around with a few ideas for #vBrownBag tech talk voting, I was trying to deploy a ruby app with Puma and Ngnix. Here’s a number of the resources used: I also tied it in with Vagrant & the Rackspace provider. Depending on how things go, there will be a
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 3

Ok, we’re now really deep into things. Because I’ve been a few weeks in getting this post out there, and because the material is deep in places, you may want to review: Part 1 – Installing Chef and importing cookbooks. Part 2 – Using Chef to bootstrap Razor Back with us? Ok! So, our current state
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#vBrownBag – Chef & OpenStack

Video #vBrownBag OpenStack – Opscode Chef, Matt Ray, DevOps and the state of OpenStack from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Links Stupid Youtube paste thing is broken, here’s the link Chef resources: Omnibus: #openstack-chef on @chefopenstack StackForge
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 2

In the last post we talked about what it is we are building as well as built the Chef Server that will service the remainder of the environment. As before, this work is being done in conjunction with the upcoming updated release of the OpenStack Cookbook with Kevin Jackson. In this part we will cover
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 1

Automated OpenStack Installs you say? Build my own Private Cloud you say? DevOps, Hybrid, and the intercloud? Ok, so, now that we’ve scored buzzword bingo, what am I talking about? Edits in Mace-Windu After you get Chef going… Part 2 – Installing and configuring Razor with Chef: Part 3 – Bringing it all together, installing
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