PowerCLI Script of the Week – Set-Keydelay.ps1

Ever have to log into a the console of an ESX VM… over a slow connection? Then you’ll know all about the character repeat that comes along with that. If you haven’t experienced this… consider yourself lucky. It is especially interesting when trying to type passwords. So how do you defeat this? You set the[…]

Active Directory Machine Accounts and VMware Clones and Snapshots

Clones and Snapshots, two of the many modern day miracles to come from virtualization. No? So they’re not as cool as VMware’s vMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduling, High Availability, Fault Tolerance are they, but the are the foundation on which that magic is built.  What happens to the machine in your corporate domain when you need[…]

e1000 vNIC’s Hate Me – How To Find And Change vNic Types With The VI ToolKit

Well, this being the third time I’m trying to write this post (some issues with my Wwindows 7 VM, something to be said for autosave). VMware recently released a white paper showing a performance comparison between the e1000 and enhanced vmxnet drivers. In most cases the vmxnet driver outperformed and used less CPU overall than[…]

Removing VMware Snapshots – With a Bat (PowerShell, CLI, rCLI… and Perl)

I’ve found a few situations in which snapshots get stuck, like glue, to a running VM, and despite your best effort to delete them, they wont go away. Like in-laws, they stick around, a bit longer than is pleasant. If a snapshot has not been removed cleanly on the first try, you may want to[…]