Adding VM’s to Inventory

The worst has happened. That sexy ESX host that you spent ages building and perfecting went south. For some reason, the raid you built was corrupt, and now you’ve re-installed ESX. With luck you had your VM’s on some shared storage (SAN, iSCSI, NFS). Or… You’ve just SCP’d over a metric boat load of VM images from a prior install, say from dev/test to production.

In either of these situations you will find yourself needing to import your VM’s from your datastore. This is a fairly simple process.

By Hand


So because that is nearly impossible to read, here are the steps:

  1. Select your host
  2. Select your datastore
  3. Right click the datastore
  4. Click browse
  5. Select the folder containing the VM
  6. Select the VMX file
  7. Right click “Add to Inventory”
  8. Select a Host & Resource Pool
  9. Name it
  10. Finished

Easy enough? Originally I was looking for a way to do this in PowerShell, but it is not as straightforward as it would seem.  I will continue looking, so stay tuned for that in a future post.