#vBrownBag Follow-Up AWS Solutions Architect Associate Domain 1.0 Part 2 w Tim Carr (@timmycarr)

Tim Carr from Ahead discuss the second part of Domain 1.0 for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. Tim reviews: Architectural trade-off decisions — High Availability (HA) vs cost — RDS vs installing your own DB on EC2 AWS Solutions Architect Domain 1.0 Part 2 Video You can follow Tim on Twitter @timmycarr and find[…]

2015-nov-05 ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM @ Omar Blanco vROPS VOA

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented El pasado 5 de noviembre 2015 en ProfessionaVMware.com Omar Blanco presentó el tema vROps VOA. #vBrownBag, blog, BrownBag, en Español, LATAM, podcast, recording, Spanish, VCP, VMware BrownBagRecording, Spanish, Tech, vBrownBag, VMware, VMware Certification Advanced

Automate All The Things #vBrownBag Follow Up – Hardcore vCAC with Jon Harris (@ThevCACguy)

Jon Harris, @thevcacguyon Twitter joins the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag to present the next session in the Automate All The Things series on vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) where he covered IT Business Management suite  standard and the vCAC 6 Advanced Services Designer. Video You can sign up for the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag at http://vbrownbag.comm/brownbags/ and check out our Automate[…]

2013-nov-14 ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM #Puppetize c/ @DevOps_ES @edransIT y @puppetlabs

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented. El pasado 14 de noviembre en ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM se presentó el tema #Puppetize c/ Pablo Wright @DevOps_ES @edransIT y @puppetlabs Pablo D. Wright, Technical Operations www.edrans.com   Algunos recursos en inglés: http://docs.puppetlabs.com/ https://ask.puppetlabs.com/questions/ IRC: freenode #puppet Google group: puppet-users@googlegroups.com   En[…]