VCP4 ExamCram BrownBag!

Woot! Yes, woot! Woot we will be having Elias Khnaser, the author of “VCP4 Exam Cram 2nd Edition” on our next BrownBag. Yeah, this book, right here: Cool? Ok, well, “We’ve had guests before” you say. “How is this one different?”, you say… well, it’s different in that, I have 5 copies of this book[…]

VCP Brownbag #9: Fragmented Bendy Busses (Storage) Follow-up

Tuesdays Brownbag had a good turn out and also featured the excellent debut of our newest co-host: Guillermo Rodriguez. Guillermo (Gee yair mo) like many of the folks on the call is a budding VCP, having taken his class, studying for his exam and interested in helping others reach the same goal. Video: We had[…]

VCP4 Brown Bag Follow-up

As promised, here is the follow-up post from yesterdays VCP4 Brown Bag. First, thanks Y’all for coming, as otherwise a single person conference call is no fun. Honestly, thanks for your participation! Now for the notes: Simon Long’s invaluable VCP4 study notes & practice exams: NFS Datastores (this came up discussing exclusivity for NFS):[…]

Import/Export a vApp – VCP4 Objective 5.3

While working through the VCP4 exam objectives I found a section on vApps. Specifically the line item around “Import/Export a Virtual Appliance”. Ignoring the rest, here is how you import and export vApps. Warning, this post is screenshot heavy. Importing There are two ways of going about this. “Deploy OVF” and “Browse VA Marketplace”. If[…]