VCP4 Brown Bag Follow-up

As promised, here is the follow-up post from yesterdays VCP4 Brown Bag. First, thanks Y’all for coming, as otherwise a single person conference call is no fun. Honestly, thanks for your participation! Now for the notes:

Simon Long’s invaluable VCP4 study notes & practice exams:

NFS Datastores (this came up discussing exclusivity for NFS):

The vReference card (For knowing ports, minimums and maximums, etc)

Basic System Admin Guide (Covers a lot of things on the exam):

Resource Management Guide (Know resource pools, HA and how it’s changed, etc):

The vSphere docs Site:

The VMware Certification portal (Blue print, practice test, etc):

Updated! – VCP4 Prep FTW. Along with Simon’s site, this is one of the best VCP4 Guides out there:

If you have any questions, drop a line on the post or on twitter (@cody_bunch). For all those taking your exam soon, good luck and god speed.

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