VCP4 ExamCram BrownBag!

Woot! Yes, woot! Woot we will be having Elias Khnaser, the author of “VCP4 Exam Cram 2nd Edition” on our next BrownBag. Yeah, this book, right here: Cool? Ok, well, “We’ve had guests before” you say. “How is this one different?”, you say… well, it’s different in that, I have 5 copies of this book
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VCP Brown Bag #8 – Follow-Up

As discussed during the show, this is the follow-up post for our conversation with Jon Hall about the new VCAP Certifications. The Video Brown Bag #8 – Jon Hall Returns from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Please note: You can download the original WMV from the Vimeo site. The Links There were not as many this time
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VCP4 Brown Bag Follow-up

As promised, here is the follow-up post from yesterdays VCP4 Brown Bag. First, thanks Y’all for coming, as otherwise a single person conference call is no fun. Honestly, thanks for your participation! Now for the notes: Simon Long’s invaluable VCP4 study notes & practice exams: NFS Datastores (this came up discussing exclusivity for NFS):
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VCP4 Online Study Group Follow-Up

As promised, here is the follow-up post with the bits and links that we discussed during the study group. We had also discussed doing this again next week Wednesday at 3P CST (12/23/09) as a last bit of prep before the year end deadline for VCP upgrades. This will likely occur just after the VMTN
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VCP-410 Online Study Group

The deadline to upgrade from VCP3 to VCP4 is fast approaching. While there are plenty of good resources out there for studying, nothing beats playing 20 questions with a group of your peers. As such, ProfessionalVMware will be hosting a 1 hour WebEx study group so we call all help one another pass. Important information:
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Pass The VCP4! I Did, You Can Too!

I have slacked on this post quite a bit, but alas an exam report is due. Exam: VCP-410 Status: Passed I was/am a present holder of a VCP3, and before 12/31 was allowed to upgrade without having to take an additional course. That said, there are now several valuable courses from VMware that qualify. Basically,
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