VMware vSAN 6.6 Deep Dive with Jase McCarty (@jasemccarty) #vBrownBag

Jase McCarty dives into the nerd nobs of vSAN 6.6 in this deep dive episode. VMware vSAN 6.6 Video *About vBrownBag* https://vBrownBag.com is a community of people who believe in helping other people. Specifically we work in IT infrastructure and we help other people in the IT industry to better their carreers by educating. Most[…]

vBrownBag Follow-Up vSAN Sizing and Design with Jase McCarty (@jasemccarty)

Jase McCarty discuss vSAN sizing and design considerations. vSAN Sizing and Design Video Show Notes: Presenter: Jase McCarty – Traditional storage solutions (2:10) – VMware vSAN storage (2:45) – vSAN objects and components (4:25) – vSAN vs traditional storage (6:30) – Next gen hardware (8:00) – Boot devices (9:50) – Storage controllers (11:20) – Controller[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up What’s New in VMware VSAN 6.2 with Jase McCarty (@jasemccarty)

Looking to go HyperConverged? Jase McCarty covers VMware VSAN 6.2 in this episode of the #vBrownBag podcast. What’s New in VSAN 6.2 You can follow Jase on Twitter @jasemccarty Originally published by www.professionalvmware.com