After vCenter 5.0 U1 Upgrade, vCO Client Issues

For better or worse, I run my vCO Client from the vCenter Server in my lab, up till today, that wasn’t an issue either. That is, after upgrading to vCenter 5.0 U1 I was presented with: “You may not have the appropriate permissions.” – What? Ok… let’s browse to the directory: Even after clicking “Continue”[…]

Link Dump – 3/12/12

I’ve again hit the point where Chrome was eating up too much memory. Thusly, here’s what is currently in my open tabs: PCoIP, Win 8, iPad – Resource Pool Shares & vCD – vBenchmark – Building Block Scaling – Use vCO to manage View – vCenter 5 API for Guest[…]

vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) Happenings

While I’ve been head down in the final edits for the vCO book (Pre-Order here), a few things happened in the vCO community. vCO Happenings vCO Training! – Unattended vCO vApp deployment – (manual deployment here) Getting started with vCO –, a good getting started piece. vCO Training Videos – More[…]

Using PowerCLI, Onyx and Orchestrator

Yes! You can! I’m not talking about using vCO to call PowerCLI scripts. As well, that’s been covered before. What I’m talking about is using PowerCLI against VMware Onyx to get vCO JavaScript (Jeorg Lew’s post on it here). First, get Onyx. I’ll wait… Have it? Excellent. Now fire it up & change the output[…]