vBrownBag Follow-Up Forking public work & managing the PR process w Safia Abdalla @captainsafia

Safia Abdalla joins the vBrownBag to review how to work with, and commit to public repos on GitHub. From forking public work, to committing to it, and managing the pull request process. Forking public work & managing the PR process Video Guest: Safia Abdalla Twitter: @captainsafia Show Notes – Forking public work, committing to it,[…]

#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up ELK with Larry Smith (@mrlesmithjr)

Larry Smith shows you how to leverage elastisearch, logstash, and kibana to create a robust syslog solution. ELK Video You can find Larry on Twitter @mrlesmithjr and his blog http://everythingshouldbevirtual.com/ Originally published at http://vbrownbag.comm – Sign up for the live #vBrownBag broadcast at http://vbrownbag.comm/brownbags/ where you can also get updates and view our past series[…]

#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up Introduction to Vagrant with Jonas Rosland (@virtualswede)

Jonas Rosland introduces you to Vagrant which is used for creating and configuring virtual development environments and can also be used along side configuration management tools such Chef, Salt and Puppet which we will cover in future episodes.  Keep track of our entire DevOps schedule which will include links to recordings and homework or join our Google+ community to discuss episodes,[…]