vBrownBag Follow-Up Forking public work & managing the PR process w Safia Abdalla @captainsafia

Safia Abdalla joins the vBrownBag to review how to work with, and commit to public repos on GitHub. From forking public work, to committing to it, and managing the pull request process.

Forking public work & managing the PR process Video

Guest: Safia Abdalla
Twitter: @captainsafia

Show Notes – Forking public work, committing to it, managing the PR process

– Best projects to get started contributing to for beginners are on GitHub (4:25)
– First step; check for CONTRIBUTING.md which defines process for contributing to project (5:06)
– Different projects will have different guide lines (6:05)
– Next check Issues and look for “good first contribution” label for examples of issues to start with (8:15)
– Time is just as important as ability to contribute to issue (9:50)
– Once you have an issue to contribute, follow the CONTRIBUTING.md. For example fork the repo (13:20)
– To the CLI! (15:20)
– Clone your fork locally; git clone (15:50)
– git branch (17:00)
– git checkout (17:45)
– Follow git workflow – add/track changed files, commit, push(18:20)
– Pull requests (19:10)
– Q&A (21:50)

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