vBrownBag Follow Up Gitting Out of a Mess with Katie Sylor-Miller (@ksylor)

Katie Sylor-Miller, who blogs at http://ohshitgit.com/ joins us during the Commitmas season to discuss how you can “git” out of a mess when using git/GitHub.

Gitting Out of a Mess Video

Guest: Katie Sylor-Miller
Twitter: @ksylor

Show Notes – Gitting out of a mess with Katie Sylor-Miller

– Dont git into a mess in the first place (fundamentals)
– Overview of commits
– Overview of branches
– Head is your currently checked out branch
– Remote v Local
– Fixing messes
– Reset & revert
– Stay up to date
– Rebase all the things
– Always be committing
– Committing the wrong thing and fixing it
– Recap
– Useful links

Links to the slides are available at http://www.slideshare.net/KatrinaSylorMiller/giting-out-of-your-git-messes

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