VCP6.5-DCV Study Guide

Good day #vCommunity! Shane (@coolsport00) here to provide you all with an updated VCP6.5-DCV Study Guide to my previous v6 Guide (see: here). There are several changes in the v6.5 Exam Blueprint from v6, notably understanding Migration to VCSA (Section 4.3), VCSA HA (Section 9.2), & Section 10.3 no longer being covered on the exam.
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VCP6-DCV Study Guide

Cheers #vBrownBag Community! Shane (aka @coolsport00) here to provide a resource to help in your VCP6-DCV studies. Several folks have asked if I would provide my Study Guide to help in their studies. And, since there have been several changes to the VCP6-DCV Blueprint since some of the others that were created last year, I thought
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ICND1 (CCENT) Study Guide

So, this has been quite a journey for me. If any of you are like me, you’ve avoided anything related to Networking, & especially Networking certifications like the plague. At work, if any issue networking related surfaced, I gladly pawned it off to the “networking guy”. With the boundaries between layers of the infrastructure stack
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Upgrading vSphere 5.1 → 5.1U1a

BACKGROUND Upon arriving at my new organization the end of February of this year, a co-worker had already migrated most of our virtual infrastructure to vSphere 5.1, utilizing  SQL 2012 as the vCenter Server database. In doing so, they noticed some “bugginess” with the infrastructure – unable to log in using the ‘thick’ Client, the Performance tab →
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VMware View Location-Based Printing Troubleshooting

There are a lot of components to VMware View that are really cool features. One of the coolest in my opinion is the ability to set up Location-Based Printing based on where the client device is located. End users can use a workstation, thick client, or zero client Client device to connect to VM Desktops.
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