VCAP5-DCA Study Outline PDF

As with my previous post for the DCD, the PDF below is a compilation of notes I took while studying for the VCAP5-DCA exam. It covers each section of the Blueprint provided by VMware.

In addition to my own studies, there are several great resources in the Community that I used & I reference those in the PDF. I recommend using them as well as implementing a Home Lab for testing.

If there are any errors, omissions, discrepancies, or anything else you would like to see added, let me know & I’ll be more than happy to modify the document.

Hope it helps in your studies!

Best of luck on the exam…

Shane (twitter: @coolsport00)

UPDATE (2 Dec 2012): I have updated the original notes to be a bit more cleaner, removed some errors, & added a little more information. Also, I stripped CLI areas of the Notes into its own document so as to concentrate on command line if that is more of your weakness, as it was for me initially.

UPDATE (4 Apr 2013): I have again updated the notes per the comments below, as well as added the link to my DCD Notes (see 1st sentence above). As always, let me know if you see any other errors, etc. and I can update as soon as I can. All the best in your studies!






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