VCP6-DCV Study Guide

Cheers #vBrownBag Community!
Shane (aka @coolsport00) here to provide a resource to help in your VCP6-DCV studies. Several folks have asked if I would provide my Study Guide to help in their studies. And, since there have been several changes to the VCP6-DCV Blueprint since some of the others that were created last year, I thought this would be a beneficial post.

So, without further ado…here it is. A few bits of information for you regarding the DCV:

Questions: 85
Duration: 90mins (NOTE: though the mylearn site states 100mins, you actually only have 90mins to answer the questions)

It seems to me VMware’s current VCP exams are a bit tougher than in prior versions. I think the difficulty has increased since the implementation of the VCA exams. I guess that makes sense though. The VCP, though always a lot of information needing to be learned, was for the most part somewhat high-level. I think the current VCP exams go a bit deeper with more advanced settings and troubleshooting the environment. VMware has also decided to implement some of its other solutions into the mix, like vSphere Replication and Virtual SAN (VSAN).

As with other Guides I’ve shared with the community, if you notice any mistakes or errors, please share a comment to let me know and I’ll get it updated. All the best to everyone in your exam endeavors. Cheers!