#vBrownBag Google Cloud Platform – GCP Overview with Terrence Ryan (@tpryan)

In the first episode of the #vBrownBag Google Cloud Platform Series, Terrence Ryan provides an overview of the platform and demos how several services such as Compute Engine and Big Query can be used. Google Cloud Platform Overview Video You can find Terrence on Twitter @tpryan and his blog http://terrenceryan.com/ Originally published at https://vbrownbag.comm – Sign up
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#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 2 with Brian Welch (@brianwelch)

In this episode, Brian Welch reviews section 2 of the VCP6 Foundation Exam blueprint, focusing on networking. Section 2 Video Objective 2.1 – Capabilities of vSS overview – Use cases for vSS – Demo includes create/delete vSS, port groups, vmkernel adapters, configuration of vmkernel adapters Objective 2.2 – Capabilities of vDS overview – Demo includes
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Navigating the VMware’s forest of product offerings

This guest post is by Anthony Chow who blogs at http://cloudn1n3.blogspot.co.nz/, where you can find his back catalogue of posts. Find out more about the guest blogger program here.

Back in 2008 when I first started to learn about VMware’s server virtualization technology, it is very confusing on the different products and how they are related together.  There are the ESX, ESXi, vSphere and vCenter server and there are older products such as VMware server or the GSX server.  With Google we can find lots of articles on these products but the problem is that most of these articles do not have a date and since the VMware virtualization technology is advancing in such a high pace, we do not know if the information was current or relevant to which version of vSphere.
Now in 2015, can you tell me all the current VMware products and how they are related?
To look at VMware’s product offering, it is best to look at VMware’s vision on data center – Software Defined Data Center architecture.
Data Center comprises of these functions:

  1. Compute
  2. Storage
  3. Network
  4. Management