#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 2 with Brian Welch (@brianwelch)

In this episode, Brian Welch reviews section 2 of the VCP6 Foundation Exam blueprint, focusing on networking. Section 2 Video Objective 2.1 – Capabilities of vSS overview – Use cases for vSS – Demo includes create/delete vSS, port groups, vmkernel adapters, configuration of vmkernel adapters Objective 2.2 – Capabilities of vDS overview – Demo includes[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up – What’s New in vSphere 6 with Nick Marshall (@nickmarshall9)

Nick Marshall, author of Mastering vSphere 6 and long time #vBrownBag’er kicks off our What’s New in vSphere 6 series with an overview of the enhancements and features new in vSphere 6 such as the Platform Services Controller, VVOLs, VSAN, NIOC, and more. What’s New in vSphere 6 Video You can follow Nick on Twitter[…]