September 11, 2013

#vBrownBag Automation Track

Beginning September 18, 2013 and running for about four six months, the #vBrownBag will focus our 1 hour weekly podcast on automation with the goal of having you Automate All The Things!  This series starts with an introduction to automation from our very own Josh Atwell (assuming he doesn’t mute himself), helps get your lab setup using AutoLab with Todd Lewery and builds up your skills through sessions on PowerCLI with Alan Renouf, Andre Leibovici, and more Josh Atwell before moving you into legendary automation status with VMware vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Orchestrator by Jon Harris, Mike Preston and Joerg Lew.

  • Learn about the concepts and tools available for automation
  • Start automating common vSphere related tasks with PowerCLI with sessions for both server and VDI geeks
  • Build and automate private clouds with vCenter Automation Center
  • Orchestrate complex tasks using work flows with vCenter Orchestrator

A big thanks to Jon Harris for coordinating the schedule.  If you are interested in presenting on an automation topic, please sign up here or contact any of the #vBrownBag crew and we will get you scheduled.

The schedule is designed to work similar to a Couch to 5k program. That is, our “Training” schedule will help you get up to speed with the automation theories and tools used in a VMware environment. It will follow a schedule, supply you tools, videos, and “do it yourself” style homework. Basically, every week past the intro, we expect you to come back a bit harder, better, faster, stronger. 


Stuck? Post your question to the G+Automate All The Things group here

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