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#vBrownBag Follow-Up Using #vCO to manage Active Directory and Exchange with Sean Massey (@seanpmassey)

VMware’s vCenter Orchestrator is usually thought of as a tool for automating VMware environments. But when vCO is combined with PowerShell, it can be used to automate and manage Microsoft applications as well.

In this installment of Automate All the Things Sean Massey (@seanpmassey) will talk about how to automate Active Directory and Exchange using vCenter Orchestrator and PowerShell and provide some examples of this combination in action.


Useful links

Mike Preston – Kerberos with vCO 5.5 Appliance
Quest AD PowerShell Cmdlets
PowerShell Server (SSH for PowerShell)
PowerSShell Server vCO Plugin for PowerShell Server
PowerShell Out of Office via Kellan Damm (@kellandamm)

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  • FYI, the sound and audio is out of sync by about 30 seconds. That’s fine for about the first 15 minutes, until Sean gets into the examples, then I have no idea what he’s doing as the video is ahead of the audio. I can’t hold 30 seconds in my brain and parse the incoming stream as well 🙂

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