#vBrownBag EMEA Follow-Up The vFLOWer Toolkit with Kaido Kibin

The vFLOWer Toolkit, created by ByteLife Solutions, converts vCO packages into versionable source code (XML) and vice versa. In this form, it is more practical to manage and control the development and dissemination of vCO workflows and actions between different teams of developers using popular source control solutions such as GitHub.

In this presentation, Kaido Kibin talks about why ByteLife have developed the toolkit and the challenges that they’re trying to solve. He then continues with a demonstration of placing a vCO package under source control and how it would be updated by several parties.


More information about the vFLOWer Toolkit can be found at http://www.bytelife.com/vflower/.  The vFLOWer Toolkit is freely available from GitHub: https://github.com/ByteLife/vFLOWer.

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