BrownBag Follow-Up: vSA and SMB vSphere Design

This week our illustrious host Damian was joined by Sean Crookston, Chris Wahl, and Bill Hill who Deep-Dived into designing vSphere environments as well as the vSphere Storage Appliance. BrownBag Follow-Up Slides ProfessionalVMware BrownBag – SMB Design View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware. Video ProfessionalVMware Technical BrownBag – VSA and SMB vSphere Design from ProfessionalVMware on[…]

BrownBag – Design & vSphere Storage Appliance

Per Damian’s blog, this week’s BrownBag technical deep dive will center around vSphere design and the vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA). Damian will be joined by Sean Crookston, Chris Wahl, and Bill Hill to deep dive into designing vSphere environments with the VSA. BrownBag – Desigh & vSphere Storage Appliance Register: Date/Time: 10/5 @ 7:30PM[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up: vCloud Architecture Toolkit (Wade Holmes)

This time around we had Wade Holmes (@wholmes | blog) on to talk about the vCloud Architecture Toolkit 2.0. The session was facilitated by the always amazing Damian Karlson. Video Slides Wade Holmes vCloud Architecture Toolkit View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware. Also this:

BrownBag Follow-Up – VCAP-DCD Objective 1 (Jason Boche)

Woot! This was yet another outstanding session led by Damian Karlson, this time starring Jason Boche talking about Objective 1 of the VCAP-DCD. This, is the follow-up post, both with video, slides, and notes. Video Technical Brownbag (Jason Boche) – VCAP-DCD Objective 1 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides ProfessionalVMware BrownBag (Jason Boche) – VCAP-DCD[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up vSphere Security with Ed Haletky

The Video: ProfessionalVMware BrownBags – vSphere Security from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. The Links: Ed’s Site – Ed’s vSphere Security Book Ed on Twitter Summary: First, I seem to have misplaced the chat logs. There were a few good links shared. If y’all still have them handy, please drop them in the comments. As you[…]

VCAP Prep BrownBags – Now With 200% More Vouchers

That’s right folks, VCAP Exam vouchers… Thanks to Jason Boche for making these available to us as prizes. That’s right, prizes. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be work attached did you? So here’s the game, in two rounds: Round 1 – Lightning Round I have a set of Q&A flash cards, the kind that have[…]