VCDX Brown Bag #2 – Storage!

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends… we’re so glad you could attend, step inside, step inside.

It’s time again for the next VCDX Brown Bag. This one will focus around the storage requirement of the VMware Enterprise Admin exam. To prep, please pull down and review the Enterprise Admin Blueprint from here.

The critical details:
Date: 03/16/2010
Time: 2PM CST
Registration: Here

If you have any comments, or specific areas you would like to see covered, drop a line in the comments.

3 thoughts on “VCDX Brown Bag #2 – Storage!

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  • Thank you for sharing this. Interestingly, I'm organizing one in Singapore 🙂
    We've had 4 sessions so far, done around 1x a month. I must admit we are not as organised as you guys though, as we just talk freely, using the Admin blue print as a guide. It's all face to face, informal chats among friends, which is why it's not recorded.

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