VCDX Brown Bag #5 – Follow-up

Firstly, the video! In the spirit of the changes this webinar announced, we’ll also try some changes with the video. First embedded:

ProfessionalVMware VCDX Brown Bag #5 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

And then, a link where you can download the high quality .mov file. Yes, yes… I can re-encode again to m4v if there is enough demand. The last step in this, are the show notes links, blatantly copied from Tom Howarth’s Site:

Here are a couple of links relating to the show

One thing to note is that even the so called experts can and do get it wrong 😀 we all agreed the w is an alias of who but as the above link shows that is not the case LOL

As always, thanks to Trainsignal for making this happen.