Small, Sleek, and Sexxy – New EMC Celerra VSA

Nick Weaver, posted an update to the EMC Celerra VSA, or Virtual Storage Appliance. The build has rightfully been dubbed the -Uber edition. Here are a summary of his changes:

1. Completely automated install: On first boot a configuration wizard will ask a few questions and automatically reboot. On second boot everything is configured and ready to use. Also configuration takes care of ALL identity issues with generating MAC addresses. Average run through from first boot to complete is <2 minutes for me.

2. Much, much, much faster. You have to try it to see it. No, seriously it evens runs great on my Core Duo.

3. Low memory requirements: It will now run with 1024 MB of RAM (it is set this way by default). If you need to setup replication it may need more but will use much more efficiently.

4. You should not need to login to the console for anything. All configurations can be done through the Control Station web console (hint: Tools -> Wizards).

Those that have worked with the Celerra VSA in the past know what vast improvements these are. Go on and click through to Nick’s site for the download links and additional info. Thank you Nick! My lab needed this.

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