BrownBag Follow-Up – VCP5 Objective 4 with Jason Boche

The Video: Some Notes (From #BrownBag on twitter) @DuncanYB: New Article: Creating an IP-Pool for VC Ops – If you’re up in 6 hours, join @DemitasseNZ for an APAC version Another great VCP5 resource can be found on @mwpreston’s blog: Synch MSCS/AD with common NTP server, and disable host based time synchronization[…]

VCAP DCA Voucher Give Away – Round 2, Live Lab

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… On this week’s BrowBag we’re giving away yet another VCAP-DCA voucher. As we talked about before, round 2 will be a live lab. What do I mean? The first person who meets these two requirements by Tuesday, February 15, 2011: Has a workable solution to[…]