vBrownBag TechTalk Schedule Wednesday

We are on the fourth floor in rooms 13a and 13b. This is the most up to date schedule for the TechTalks. After the sessions are recorded it’s entry here will become a link to the YouTube video, so you can see any session you miss.

The Live streams of the TechTalks can be found here.

Room 13ARoom 13B
10:00Florin Stingaciu – RBAC with Apache Fortress and IDM using Midpoint
10:15Roger Ruttimann – Monitor Openstack environments from the Network to to the AppsJames Penick – Building scalable and secure OpenStack clusters
10:30Dhiraj Sehgal – How OpenStack Private Cloud is getting guaranteed performance from its StorageWim Provoost – Can swift be the backend of the nova VMs?
10:45Mark LaMourine – Building on Kubernetes: Bringing Google-Scale Container Orchestration and Management to OpenStackEvgeny Bagdasaryan & Nikolay Fedotov – HA testing the networking environment with ELK stack
11:00Susanne Balle – Optimize resource consumption in your OpenStack cloudAbhijit Dey – Leveraging ceilometer framework to drive control and insight into your Openstack cloud
11:15Ravi Jagannathan – Security Vulnerabilities in OpenStack deploymentsHironori Shiina – Flexible deployment of bare metal servers and virtual machines
11:45Jian Zhang – Challenges, Opportunities and lessons learned from real life clusters in China for open source storage in OpenStack cloudsCraig Anderson – Flavors for your OpenStack cloud
12:00Shuquan Huang – The Road to Hybrid Cloud with OpenStackJoe Arnold – Native File Access for OpenStack Swift
12:15Ricardo Carrillo Cruz – Data-driven multi-clouds deployments with Ansible
12:30John White and Shishir Agrawal – Juniper Container SRX Intro and Use CaseVishwanath Jakka – How to succeed with on-prem private clouds
12:45Jack Zhang – Delivering cost-effective, high performance Ceph cluster  –with Today’s NVM Express Solid State Drives and Tomorrow’s Intel® Optane™ technologyVilobh Meshram – Horror Stories : How we keep breaking the Scheduler at Scale !
13:00Mathew Varghese – OpenStack in Production Environments – Lessons LearnedStephen Smith – Prepping for the OpenStack Administrator Exam
13:30Nick Golovachenko – Behind the Cloud: Developing a nationwide user support serviceJohnny Wang – Cisco using cloud storage to support the cloud
13:45Ravi Jagannathan – Unique value propositions of various Network OverlayBalaji Ethirajulu – Network Analytics, a catalyst for NFV & SDN transformation
14:00Christian Huebner – Ceph(alopods) for multiple cloudsAshish Shah – Lessons Learned from OpenStack Deployments – From Legacy Architectures to Automated, Multi-tenant Private Cloud
14:15Joy Dorairaj – Tenant-based encryption of data at restMatthew Williams – 10 mins to Faking Your Way as a DevOps Unicorn
14:30Zhikun Liu – The practice of baremetal management in Chinac’s cloud solutionsAbhijit Dey – Achieving Guaranteed Performance with Advanced Quality of Service in OpenStack
14:45Krishna Mayuram – UCS Integrated Infrastructure for  Hadoop as a Service with Red Hat Open Stack PlatformIhor Dvoretskyi – Multi-Cloud, Full-Stack Autoscaling with Murano, Kubernetes, and Docker: from OpenStack to Google Compute Engine (and back)
15:00Sreedhra Varma & Shanker Iyer – Enabling Cinder backups on Google Cloud Storage
15:30Mathew Varghese – Overcoming challenges in promoting OpenStack within your OrganizationChristian Huebner – It’s not how big your budget is, it’s how you spend it.
15:45Zhipeng Huang – Storage is Not Virtualized Enough: Let’s Do Service ChainingJulen Larrucea and Pranav Salunke – osbash by training-labs: features and deployment
16:00Ravi Jagannathan – Security Vulnerabilities in OpenStack deploymentsZhenyu Zheng – Freeze it before you start ! : Application level consistency snapshot and disaster recovery
16:15Arthur Berezin – Introduction Project ARIA – Open Source & Governance TOSCA Orchestration EngineABHIJIT DEY – Deep Dive into VM Live Migration in DAS environment.
16:30Abhishek Srivastava – Performance improvement tips for SWIFT on sequential access filesystems

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