vBrownBag TechTalk Schedule Tuesday

We are on the fourth floor in rooms 13a and 13b. This is the most up to date schedule for the TechTalks. After the sessions are recorded it’s entry here will become a link to the YouTube video, so you can see any session you miss.

The Live streams of the TechTalks can be found here.

We are continuing to run a block of women presenters on day 2. Room 13a will be all women presenters today.

Room 13aRoom 13b
11:30Gal Sagie – Container Based Dynamic Service Chaining and Injection
11:45Anupriya Ramraj – IT Transformation: Journey to OpenStack private cloudsMichael O’Malley – Redesigning a better wheel using OPNFV for superior service chains
12:00Tamar Inbar-Shelach – The Journey Towards Optimal NFV Network PerformanceLachlan Evenson – Continuously Delivering OpenStack
12:15Neeti Dahiya – Evaluating third party plugins against Red Hat OpenStack PlatformLachlan Evenson – Multi-cloud Networking
12:30Diane Mueller – OpenShift, Kubernetes and OpenStack: Cross Community Collaboration in ActionWalter Bentley – So Your OpenStack Cloud is Built…Now What’s Next?
12:45Bikash Roy Choudhury – Continuous Deployment with Openstack: PaaS offering for DevOps
13:00Ravi Jagannathan – How to write OpenStack Applications?
13:15Emily Hugenbruch – Big Iron CloudsZeeshan Rizvi & Salman Asadullah – How to save your Openstack cloud from failing?
13:30Sivan Barzily – Fully Open TOSCA-Based MANO – with an OPNFV vIMS DemoStacy Véronneau – Faking a Bare Metal Lab Using Public Cloud Resources
13:45continuedNilesh Bhosale – Finding needles in the unified storage haystack
14:00Darla Ahlert & Kayla Fromme – Upstream OpenStack: AT&T’s New WorldJohn Davidge – Introducing Neutron Purge – Deleting your leftover resources with one simple command.
14:15Sahdev Zala and Bob Haddleton – Deploy TOSCA NFV Workloads into OpenStack Cloud
14:30Arvind Tiwari – Intercloud collaboration with Alliance Gateway
14:45Kanagaraj Manickam – Auto-discoverer for OpenStack deployment architectureDavid Levin & Richard Wong – How Enterprise Deal With East West vs. North South Traffic in Openstack
15:00Vilobh Meshram –Quotas in OpenStack – Present & Future
15:15Mario Olivarez – Orchestrating Kubernetes on OpenStack and other clouds
15:30Bikash Roy Choudhury – Accelerate application development with faster build cycles in private and hybrid cloud
15:45Takao Indoh – Fujitsu – Community’s first 3rd party CI test system behind the company firewall
16:00Ashish Singh – Quota Management in Multi-Region OpenStack Deployments
16:15ABHIJIT DEY – Making OpenStack Server SAN aware
16:30ABHIJIT DEY – Storage multi-tenancy for OpenStack Manila and Cinder built using Linux containers
16:45Shivanand Tendulker and Gururaja Grandhi – Enhanced  security in Bare Metal provisioning

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