vBrownBag TechTalk Schedule Monday

We are on the fourth floor in rooms 13a and 13b. This is the most up to date schedule for the TechTalks. After the sessions are recorded it’s entry here will become a link to the YouTube video, so you can see any session you miss.

The Live streams of the TechTalks can be found here.

Room 13aRoom 13b
11:30Chris Sears   Running a Cloud MeetupAnthony Chow – Understanding the container landscape and its associated projects in OpenStack
11:45Mark Seger – Dynamic fine-grained tracingHaseeb Akhtar and Toby Ford – Autonomous Network Management – Leverage Observability metrics to achieve Automation Nirvana
12:00Abhishek Srivastava – Performance improvement tips for SWIFTRaphael Badin – Cisco – On-demand development clouds
12:15Ravi Jagannathan – Deploying Router functionalities as  VNFVilobh Meshram – How Yahoo! plans to Maximize Resource Consumption !
12:30JiXuefeng – The All-in-one Deployment of Pre-integrated Optimization Model and Its Derivatives for Large-scale Deployment Architecture ConceiveDhiraj Sehgal – Create continuous instance sync at OpenStack storage level for accelerating DevOps adoption
12:45David Cheperdak – Cisco’s Platform for Next Gen Microservices: Mantl.ioDhiraj Sehgal – Create QOS tiers for differentiated services provided by OpenStack Private Cloud
13:30Cao Xuan Hoang – Nova console support for Ironic bare metalssreedhar varma – Using OpenStack Fuel to customize Tata’s deployment
13:45Cao Xuan Hoang – Network traffic loggingWim Provoost – OpenStack storage across datacenters
14:00Manish Dave – Intel’s Open Security Controller Platform: Bringing advanced security to OpenstackNithya A. Ruff – Diversity @ OpenStack
14:15Takao Indoh – Multi-region Security GroupAlan Meadows – Scaling OpenStack with a shared-nothing architecture
14:30Ifti Rathore – Cisco – OpenStack and Cisco Application CentricVikram Hosakote – Multi-node ZUUL gate for  bare-metal and Docker
14:45Behzad R Dastur – Ansible – beyond playbooks and openstack deployments
15:00David Grizzanti – Keystone v3, Single Sign On, and Multi-Domain in a managed cloudNayana – Multi-Data Center OpenStack Carrier Grade for CSPs – A reality
15:30Gu Jiongjiong – Improving Neutron for building large scale overlay network of Openstack based Public CloudTakao Indoh – Security-group aware baremetal and infra network environment
16:00Chris Bingham – So You Have to “Do Cloud”…Igor Gajsin – VMware DVS plugin in comparison to other networking VMware backends
16:15Pranay – “I didn’t see it coming”

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