vBrownBag TechTalk Schedule Thursday

We are on the fourth floor in rooms 13a and 13b. This is the most up to date schedule for the TechTalks. After the sessions are recorded it’s entry here will become a link to the YouTube video, so you can see any session you miss.

The Live streams of the TechTalks can be found here.

Room 13ARoom 13B
10:00Ravi Jagannathan – Why OpenStack is viewed as Unreliable?
10:15Andre Fredette – Using OpenDaylight as an SDN Controller for OpenStack
10:30Eran Gampel – Spanning your overlay network across clouds
10:45Alex Wang – How to double OpenStack I/O performance at lower cost
11:00Saggi Mizahi – Smaug (ADPaaS) DR your Multi-tier Cloud application made easy
11:15Balaji Ethirajulu – Network  Slice Orchestration for 5G networks
11:45Fernando Ribeiro – Cloud Messaging State of the Union
12:00Sachin Manpathak – Replaying Nova Placements for Fun and Profit
12:15Sachin Manpathak – Bringing Cloud Identity to Platform9 Openstack
12:30Ben Silverman – Playing with the Slinky – Dynamic Capacity Planning in Elastic Clouds
12:45Ramakrishna Nishtala – Deployment and Operational Best Practices of Openstack on Cisco UCS Servers
13:00Ravi Jagannathan – How dismantle a cloud to use OpenStack?
13:30Julen Larrucea – Installing OpenStack on a single click
13:45Rob Whiteley – Using A Single Software-Defined Storage Platform for A Multi-Datacenter, Multi-Protocol OpenStack Cloud
14:00Stéphane Laurière – Seamless deployment into OpenStack with the AppHub Factory
14:15Sumit Amar – Predictive Auto-Scaling for Web Applications
14:45Fernando Ribeiro – Developing Java Microservices for OpenStack
15:00Ravi Jagannathan – How dismantle a cloud to use OpenStack?
15:30Vikram Belapurkar – Architecting high-performance storage for massively scalable OpenStack private clouds
15:45Trevor Roberts Jr – What is VMware doing with OpenStack?

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