#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 4 with Mike Wilson (@IT_Muscle)

In this episode, Mike Wilson reviews section 4 of the VCP6 Foundation Exam blueprint, focusing on networking. VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 4 Video Objective 4.1 – Identify VM hardware versions and capabilities, VM access options (console, etc) – Demo includes create/configure templates and customization specs, edit virtual machines, deploy virtual machines and vApps Objective 4.2[…]

#vBrownBag Google Cloud Platform – Google Compute Engine with Brian Dorsey (@briandorsey)

Brian Dorsey dives into Google Compute Engine and how it is different from other platforms. Including the developer platform for accessing various tools. Google Compute Engine Video You can find Brian Dorsey on Twitter @briandorsey Originally published at http://vbrownbag.comm – Sign up for the live #vBrownBag broadcast at http://vbrownbag.comm/brownbags/ where you can also get updates and view our past[…]