Pre-Review – Mastering VMware vSphere 5 (Scott Lowe)

Hot on the release of vSphere 5, Scott Lowe has released an update to one of the best general vSphere books on the market, Mastering VMware vSphere 5.


I pulled down the kindle edition of this one about a week ago and moving through at a pretty good clip and wanted to share my thoughts so far.

This book is an excellent follow-up to Mastering VMware vSphere 4 and Scott provides a good number of call outs where vSphere 5.x deltas from prior versions as well as real world tips for having to manage both versions. As Scott did in the vSphere 4 edition, Scott begins by covering vSphere 5 basics and features, moves into planning, and then the installation of vSphere 5. Beyond that he moves into working with networking, HA, and security. From there he moves into day-to-day administration and finally automation. It’s an easy to read, detailed overview and general introduction to vSphere that would be a benefit to anyone who will be managing a vSphere environment.

TL;DR – If you work in a vSphere environment, you should have yourself a copy of this book.

Obligatory Amazon link.