BrownBag – Networking VXLAN

Hot on the heels of last week’s vCloud Networking discussion with Kendrick Coleman (web / twitter), we have another networking special, VXLAN. This is going to be brought to you by Han Yang from Cisco.

Han will be on to share an introduction to VXLANs – and hopefully we’ll be able to cover some of the finer points of it, namely: why is it necessary, how is it implemented, how will it “play” with other data center networking technologies & protocols such as OTV, LISP, FabricPath, etc.

VXLAN is the basis of a scalable cloud network where lots of logical networks (over 16M, courtesy of a 24 bit of logical network identifier) can be created instantly to meet the needs of the even the most complex and dynamic cloud. Indeed, the technology even pushes the boundary of virtual machine migration beyond a layer 2 domain.  A group of networking and server virtualization companies have submitted a joint proposal to the IETF to have the VXLAN technology standardized. – “Introducing VXLAN“, Omar Sultan,

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Date/Time: Wednesday, November 11, 2011 @ 7:30P CST

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