ProfessionalVMware @ VMworld


Every year at VMworld, in addition to the great content, there are a host of other great activities going on. However, in order to keep up with them you’d need to look a bit like the guy on the left:


Yes, a robot with a time machine. That, or take copious amounts of some manner of energy drink.

Where will I be when not on the show floor or in sessions? I’ll be doing these things:

  • Sunday: VMUnderGround WUPaaS
  • Monday: CXI Party
  • Tuesday:
    • Early: Meeting with Texiwill & DavidDavis to discuss Awesome
    • 9-10a Vendor Meeting
    • 11-11:30a – Tentative – VMware Press Meet The Authors – VMware Communities Lounge
    • 5-7p – Some VMware reception thing (Not sure what I signed up for, just where to be)
    • 7-8:30p – VMware Press Reception
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday: Fly home!
    • 8a – Coffee with VMTurbo
    • Fly Home!